Staal Properties

About us – Purpose & Vision

We at Staal love hard work, integrity, to see beauty in all forms and we have a passion for design and optimal engineered solutions. That is why our villas are primarily structured in the Light Steel Framing (LSF) system.

We were, therefore, named Staal (Stål) which is Steel in Danish. This fusion between the land of lowest misconduct, design lamps, chairs and the clean nature inspired design lines felt true from its start.

Moreover, Denmark and Scandinavia as a whole, are home to most of the utmost energy efficient houses and true isolation schemes in the whole world. As we at Staal are only building homes which abide to the highest standards of isolation and we aim to only have A+ or better certifications for our Villas, due to our newest (ETICS) External Thermal Insulation Composite System, makes us come further aligned with our Danish naming heritage.

At last, what makes us come full circle with such heritage and values is our core phrase of ‘never wanting for others what we wouldn’t have ourselves’ which acts as a great reminder and nudge to behave in the best interest of all.

Bearing the above in mind and our personal ethics we embody as our mission to create:

  1. Beautiful and technically high-standard projects, built in an ethically responsible manner and taking into consideration the environment and surroundings.
  2. Properties in distinct locations and target groups to leverage Portugal’s population access to villas and outdoor living spaces.
  3. Innovative projects that meet the expectations of all who take part in them, from those who profit financially to those who profit in life and lifestyle;